Yes, SNS++ supports an unlimited number of escalation scenarios. SNS++ escalation logic can include up to 99 escalation steps and stop on recipient acknowledgement or response by all recipients. When sending alert/notification to SNS++ you can use the –l<escalation scenario code> or you can define default escalation scenarios for the system using environment variables. You can define default escalation scenarios for all received notifications or a specific one for each notification priority. See SNS++ documentations for more information

Yes, to send a notification to a recipient not defined in SNS++ you send the notification to the following recipient format: <output device code>:#<communication info: number, address etc> for example to send a notification as SMS message to the number +972-52-1234567 use the following recipient: sms:#972521234567.

Yes, SNS++ supports sending to a specific communication recipient’s device, In general when sending a notification to a specific recipient the notification will be sent to all the recipient’s default communication devices (can be one or more). When sending the notification to recipients’ group the notification will be sent to all the members of that group. To send a notification only to a specific communication device use <output device code>:<recipient-code></em or ><output device code>:<group-code>. The notification will be sent to the recipient’s specific communication device (if it exists) or to the group members with this communication device. This, of course, does not change the fact that SNS++ still takes into account the recipient’s work hours, time off and other settings.