General Information

SNS++ can be purchase under two plans:

  • License – One-time purchase of SNS++ license and then yearly maintenance that includes updates, upgrades and support
  • Subscription – Monthly subscription usage fee that includes both monthly license and upgrades/support
SNS++ flexibility and simple integration makes it a solution used by a variety of users. It can be used by the IT team to manage all notifications and alerts generated by management & monitoring systems; it can be used by operational people in the organization to notify operational alerts and messages; it can be used to route and deliver business data both internally to the organization’s users and to customers. Please contact Highnet Systems or any of our business partner consultants to hear how SNS++ can help manage your notification needs.

Yes, SNS++ can be installed on either a physical or virtual server. We have validated SNS++ installation on both VMware and Sun’s Virtual Box platforms.

SNS++ support users working in multiple time zones. This means each user views information translated to his/her local time zone, and allows the SNS++ server to maintain work hour rules and times. To help manage the information the SNS++ server local time is displayed on the SNS++ bottom left corner as “Server Time.”

Information on current logged in user is displayed on the upper right corner of the SNS++ console

SNS++ version can be found on the bottom right corner of each of SNS++ screen.

SNS++ product license information can be found using SNS++ console under System Status->License->License Information. Information includes information about all the installed licenses and license related system alerts.