Configuration & Setup

Logic Recipient is a special SNS++ recipient type aimed to give SNS++ users a way to define special weekly time table (7X24) group. In logic recipient you assign recipient(s) or recipient groups to specific hours in the week and then define how to handle all the hours with no recipient assign to (Discard the message, Delay it to next assigned hour, or Send it to a default recipient/recipient’s group).

SNS++ supports basically an unlimited number of communication devices, allowing each recipient to get notifications/alerts exactly where they want them.

Basically every platform is supported. Any platform capable of sending HTTP requests or E-Mail messages can send notifications/alerts to SNS++. The SNS++ command line client (snsClient) is available on: Linux; HP-UX; IBM AIX; Sun Solaris; Microsoft Windows. If you have a specific need not listed here, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., SNS++ open architecture is flexible and we can easily support new clients.

SNS++ Server supports the following OS platforms:

  • Red Hat © Enterprise Linux ES release 3
  • Red Hat © Enterprise Linux ES release 5
  • CentOS release 3.x
  • CentOS release 5.x

SNS++ recommended minimum system resources includes: Dual Core CPU; 2GB of memory; at least 30GB of free space; Network card (Static IP address is required); Serial or USB post to support GSM modem (optional)

SNS++ supports any number of notification sources from any number of nodes on the network.

SNS++ has no limitation on the number of users or recipients; SNS++ supports an unlimited number of users, recipients, recipient’s communication devices or recipient groups