Advanced notification management at the palm of your hand makes sure incidents are optimally managed and prioritized


Imagine the power of always being notified about the relevant issues that are key to you, whereever you are, and being able to respond, record and manage these issues from the palm of your hand. 
Introducing IT Tricorder, the mobile app that allows you to recieve, monitor, manage and escalate IT notifications and alerts anywhere, anytime


The IT Tricorder is a mobile app for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. It collects, stores and displays all the information from Highnet Systems’ SNS++.

This way you and your team are always aware of critical issues and can address them immediately.

SNS++ and IT Tricorder can consolidate alerts and notifications from unlimited sources and filter, assign, escalate and automate the response


Recieve and manage alerts, escalations and tickets on your mobile for complete control. You can even keep important incident data on your phone for as long as needed

Why itTricorder ?

Easy Easy Easy

Control all your alerts from the palm of your hand

One ring to rule them all

Aggregate, filter, assign, manage and automate alert and notification responses from an unlimited number of sources

Free up your time

With all your alerts managed from the palm of your hand you will become much more effective at incident handling and free up your team for more important tasks

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