All you need to own your notifications

Our portfolio of products is focused on one goal - making sure your relevant IT notifications get immediate response. Through smart filters, on call scheduling, routing rules, escalations and automation we make sure your incidents are handled immediately

Why Highnet Systems?

Smart filtering

Automatically screen through all your notification sources, eliminating duplicates and leveraging our intelligent rules engine. Then route these notifications to the most relevant team members

Routing and escalation

With our on call scheduling you can guarantee delivery of notifications to the right person as well as escalating automatically when something is not handled immediately


Automate common fixes to typical notifications so that you do not need to manually handle them when they come along. Let our automation agents take care of the work for you

Case management

Track, manage and record information about open notifications until they are closed and are documented for future reference in the builtin ticketing system



SNS++ (Smart Notification System) provides advanced notification management, on call scheduling and routing as well as automation of common tasks and case management. SNS++ consolidates alerts from an unlimited number of sources and notifies designated persons accordingly, eliminating the risk of unattended notifications and cutting down on downtime. SNS++ is up and running in minutes and is extremely easy to use




is a smartphone application that delivers relevant notifications directly to your palm and allows you to own incidents from anywhere in the world



line of hardware monitoring devices allows you to easily monitor enviromental parameters such as temperature, humidity, server room entrance and others to complete your control over your IT environment


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